WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Human Needs and Satisfaction

Human Needs and Satisfaction

“Human Needs and Satisfactions – A Global survey” was conducted from 1974-1976 by the thirty research organizations comprising Gallup International. This project was sponsored by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation.

This survey reflects the attitudes and behavior of almost two-thirds of the world’s population. One of the major purposes of this group of surveys was to determine how satisfied people were with their individual situations and which qualities of life were most important to them. One of the instruments they used was a self-anchoring striving scale. People were asked questions on a wide range of issues such as frequency of concern over finances, number of friends and most popular nation for emigration. As one might expect according to this study people in industrialized nations, find their lives more interesting, worry less, and would like fewer changes. They are also more satisfied with their family life, their health, their jobs, their community, their education and themselves.

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